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Monday, October 26, 2020

Remanufactured Compressors Can Cut an Important Tax for Companies

Businesses that rely on the use of compressors stand to gain an immensity of benefits through the use of remanufactured compressors as opposed to purchasing new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) compressors. Those benefits start with costs as there are numerous ways to reduce spending through the use of remanufactured compressors. That starts with a savings on something known as carbon tax.

Carbon tax can be a hindrance to major companies as it is a fee imposed upon organizations that burn carbon-based fuels, such as gas, oil and coal. The tax is a way to impose payment for essentially polluting the environment. Not only is the carbon tax a financial hit, but it is also a dredge on the environment.

There is good news for these companies as carbon tax can be reduced with the use of remanufactured compressors. A recent study conducted at Curtin University in Australia has revealed that remanufactured compressors produce much less greenhouse gas emissions than a brand-new OEM compressor. Those findings are significant as the production of greenhouse gas emissions is 89 to 93 percent less. That means much less in carbon tax. 

The cost savings could be substantial when it comes to the purchase of HVAC, refrigeration, semi-hermetic, scroll and screw remanufactured compressors. For example, many supermarkets use hundreds of compressors. This study goes onto show that the cost savings with remanufactured compressors could be extraordinary. That is because large quantities of CO2 emissions could be avoided.

The remanufacturing process reduces the carbon footprint and the resource intensity. Moreover, the cost of a remanufactured compressor is significantly lower than the purchase of an OEM compressor. There is also disposal costs to consider and that includes a negative impact on the environment. The only to deter companies from this practice is to enforce a carbon tax.

The use of remanufactured compressors is also good for business because it can benefit customers. Without having to devote costs to a high carbon tax, organizations can reinvest that money into other areas. That could mean additional resources that make improve the consumer experience.

And there are also the environmental considerations to keep in mind. As the world is looking for more green alternatives, US remanufactured compressors can play a part in creating a more sustainable society. The depletion of mining resources is also making the remanufacturing of industrial machinery more necessary. And less greenhouse gas emissions can not only help the world, it can help companies save money.